Indonesian Embassy Donated Staple Food to Special Primary School


?Indonesian Embassy donated staple food to Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School, a special school for blind and disable children, in Dar es Salaam, Wednesday (16/7). The staple food donated; 200 kg of rice, 100 kg of sembe flour for ugali, 25 kg of red bean, 4 boxes of noodle, and 30 liters of cooking oil.
It is Indonesian Embassy’s second donation to the school which taken care by Tanzanian government with assistance of Sathya Sai Society of Tanzania (SSST) under the chairman of Nathumal Sajnan. In first donation last May, Indonesian Embassy donated 400 kg of rice.
“In this Ramadan, we want to help special school for the blind and disable children and enhance good relationship between Indonesia and Tanzanian people. We want also introduce Indonesia to Tanzania,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania Zakaria Anshar.
Accompanied by his wife, Ambassador Zakaria enjoyed iftar at the school after giving the donation. It became a special moment for the ambassador as he had iftar with 80 blind children and 40 deaf blind and disable children.
Indonesia and Tanzania has a good cooperation in many sectors included social and art. In agriculture, Indonesia established a training center at Mkindo. Indonesian government provides KNB scholarship for Tanzanian youngster to achieve a better education. Tanzanian military officers also have a chance to improve their experience by participating in Indonesian military education.