African Farmers Gained New Agricultural Information from Indonesia


?Indonesian government shares knowledge and the latest information on agriculture to African extension officers in “International Training Workshop on Agriculture Sector for African and Middle East Countries in Mkindo-Morogoro”, 17-23 May 2015.  The workshop is jointly organized by Directorate of Technical Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dar es Salaam, Ministry of Agriculture and Non-Aligned Movement Center for South-South and Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC).

Three speakers from Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia; Fiandini Putri, Dea Christina, and Saptini Mukti Rahajeng, expressed their hope that the training workshop can support the optimization of agricultural sector to improve African farmers standard of living as well as food security in Africa.

“Agricultural production will increase if there are suitable techniques of rice and agricultural products processing. With the techniques, the quality of agriculture products will improve and as a consequence to that, farmers’ will receive better income to support their living,” said one of the speakers, Fiandini Putri.

On the first day of the workshop, the participants were given information on agriculture entrepreneurship, rice production technology in Indonesia, and agriculture products (rice, maze, and banana) cultivation. On the second day, they were taught the processing techniques of rice, horticulture product as well as zero waste processing. On the third day, the speakers talked about various ways of marketing agriculture product including the use of social media.

The training workshop was closed by Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Tanzania, Zakaria Anshar. As part of the workshop, the participants went for field visit to Farmers Agricultural and Rural Training Center (FARTC) on 22 May 2015.

Deputy Director for African and Middle East Countries, Directorate of Information and Public Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Nico Adam, said the training workshop was requested by African delegates.
“The purpose of the training is capacity building in agriculture sector for African and Middle East countries and as follow up to result agreed during the 60th Commemoration of Asia Africa Conference. There is also corresponding plan between Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indonesian Ministry of Agricultural to revitalize FARTC,” said Nico.

Since 1980’s, Indonesia has been actively contributing in agriculture development in Africa through various programs such as sending technical staff, expert and skilled farmers to African countries, providing apprentice program for African farmers in Indonesia, organizing training and workshop on agriculture, and providing agricultural equipments and machineries for African farmers.