Consular Services

​​​​Self Report

  1. Fill out an embassy form
  2. Photo 4x6 1 sheet
  3. A valid Indonesian passport

Issuance of Indonesian Ordinary Passport for Indonesian Citizen

  1. Fill out the passport application form (obtained at the Embassy)
  2. Three colored photographs (passport size)
  3. Old passport
  4. A copy of old passport
  5. Residential permit in the local country

Issuance of Ordinary Passport RI for Children of Indonesian Citizen

  1. Ordinary passports may be granted to Indonesian citizens who do not have a passport or are still carrying the passport of their parents or children born from the parents of Indonesian citizens
  2. Fill out the Passport application form (obtained at the Embassy)
  3. Copy of the parent's passport concerned
  4. Copy of birth certificate of child
  5. Three passport-sized sheets photograph of child (white background)

Issuance of SPLP (Travel Letter Like Passport)

  1. SPLP for Indonesian citizens is a substitute document Travel Letter Republic of Indonesia (Passport RI)
  2. SPLP for Indonesian Citizens is given when: 
    • In urgent circumstances, such as illness
    • For repatriation to Indonesia
    • Losing Ordinary Passports​
  3. Fill out the form and enclose an identity certificate
  4. In case of loss of Ordinary Passport, it is necessary to attach a First Investigation Report (FIR) from the local Police Station

Marriage Abroad

  1. Documents required for marriage abroad: 
    • License of parent / guardian of both brides
    • A letter from the local area that the two brides are unmarried
    • Passport and coffee second passport bride
    • Certificate from the RI Representative stating no objection to the marriage (No Objection Certificate / obtained after meeting both of the above conditions).​
  2. Marriage Letter issued by the Marriage Institute where the couple is married can be legalized by Consular officials at the Embassy. The Consular Officer will then make a marriage certificate based on the marriage certificate.
  3. Marriage Books can only be obtained from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and can be requested through the Directorate of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs after obtaining a certificate of marriage from the Embassy.
  4. Within 1 year after the husband and wife return to Indonesia must register the marriage certificate in KUA or Civil Registry Office where they live.
Source: Protocol and Consular Functions of the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar-Senegal. 2016