List of Embassy News


  • Senegal Cooperates with Boalemo for Aren Tree (Arenga Pinnata) Cooperation

    12 Feb 2018

    Dakar - Senegal: As both OIC member states, Indonesia is committed to assisting Senegal in the processing of Palm Trees as it is very urgent and appropriate to apply in Senegal. This was conveyed by M. Amar Ma'ruf, a representative of the KUKPTTOKI office when he met with FONSIS (Fond Sovereign Senegal) leaders in Dakar earlier this week. It is said by Amar, Senegal should be given attention to accept best practices or commonly known as reverse linkage program (exchange best model) related to processing of “Aren tree”. In the eyes of Senegal, Indonesia is a model of development, especially in terms of research on forestry and agricultural products. With the reverse linkage is expected to enrich the reference and application of appropriate technology applications for Senegal. As a follow up, FONSIS will visit Gorontalo Province and Boalemo Regency to explore the cooperation. Indicated by the FONSIS leader, the visit will be conducted in April before the implementation of Indonesia-Africa Forum 2018. Ambassador Mansyur who led the delegation welcomed the cooperation plan and invited FONSIS to immediately realize the visit to Boalemo Regency. "FONSIS is expected to facilitate cooperation between Ziguinchor and Boalemo-Gorontalo Provinces so that both countries can benefit from the cooperation," said the Ambassador. FONSIS reportedly has a capital asset of 1 billion US Dollars. The growth of national funding institutions such as FONSIS which is active in the field of investment in the leading sectors such as agriculture, energy and mining is believed to encourage and open opportunities for economic activities and community empowerment. Selengkapnya

  • Invited as Guest of Honor at Trade Fair, Indonesia Became More Popular in Senegal

    09 Feb 2018

    Again and again, Indonesia received appreciation from the Government of Senegal. Invited as a guest of honor at the 3rd Kaolack International Trade Fair/Foire Internationale de Kaolack (FIKA), which was held on 1-14 February 2018 in Kaolack Province (± 200 km from Dakar), Indonesia's positive image in Senegalese eyes is increasing. Selengkapnya

  • Senegal Plans to Import Indonesian-Made Trains for Dakar-Bamako Track

    02 Feb 2018

    The realization of Indonesia-Senegal cooperation in the field of railway is increasingly visible. Beginning with the visit of Indonesian business delegation led by Indonesian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in June 2017, the Government of Senegal has studied well the proposal of cooperation submitted by PT. INKA. Selengkapnya