Submit his credentials, Ambassador to Senegal Promotes Indonesian Strategic Industries

Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal Accredited to the Islamic Republic of Gambia, the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Mali, the Ivory Coast, the Republic of Sierra Leone and the Republic of Cape Verde, Mr. Mansyur Pangeran, has presented his Credentials to the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, at the Presidential Palace of Senegal on April 1, 2016. in addition to the Ambassador, on the same day the ambassador from other countries, namely Brazil, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, and Pakistan also handed their Credentials to the President of the Republic of Senegal.

On the occasion of the bilateral meeting with the President of Senegal, among others, the Ambassador conveyed the warm greetings from President Joko Widodo and people of Indonesia with Indonesia's commitment to develop relations and cooperation with Senegal.

The Ambassador said he is ready to cooperate with the government and people of Senegal to promote and strengthen friendly relations and bilateral cooperation in various fields which have been going well so far.

President Macky Sall said welcome and expressed his commitment to help the tasks of the Indonesian Ambassador in Dakar in order to improve relations and cooperation between the two countries.

President Macky Sall also said that he regularly followed the development in Indonesia recently regarding the efforts of the Indonesian government in combatin terrorism in Indonesia and expected that Senegal could model Indonesia and cooperate with Indonesia in an effort to overcome the threat of terrorism.

The Ambassador also expressed a wide range of opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in the field of economic and trade, agriculture, fisheries, aviation, shipping and transportation. The Ambassador also had the opportunity to convey the latest policy of the government of President Joko Widodo that facilitates visa exemption for 30 day visit to 169 countries in the world including Senegal.

Indonesian Ambassador further promote Indonesian strategic industries, such as, aircraft industry produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia; armament produced by  PT PINDAD; the shipping industry managed by PT PAL Surabaya; military uniforms produced by PT SRITEX and railway industry managed by PT INKA.

In response, President Macky Sall was very enthusiastic to the economic cooperation opportunities presented by the Ambassador and expressed his interest in buying the VIP ferry produced by PT PAL Surabaya, Indonesia.

In addition, President Macky Sall was also interested in armament produced by PT. PINDAD. To that end, President Macky Sall asked the Ambassador to send him brochures from PT PINDAD and military equipment produced PT. Sritex.

President Macky Sall was also grateful and very welcome on visa exemption policy imposed to Senegal and on the same occasion conveyed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Senegal, Mankeur Ndiaye, to apply the same policy to Indonesian citizens.

Special to the Ambassador, the schedule of Credential presentation to the President of Senegal since the arrival of Ambassador in Dakar is quite fast compared with other foreign ambassadors who had to wait long enough to submit Credentials.

​​Source: Division of Information, Social and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dakar-Senegal. 2016