Senegal is Interested in Indonesian Helicopters and Ferry

​On May 31, 2016 following-up the meeting with President Macky Sall (1 April 2016), Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal, Mr. Mansyur Pangeran, in separate meetings paid a courtesy call to Senegalese Minister of Defense, Augustin Tine, and Senegalese Minister of Interior, Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo, in order to promote Indonesiastrategic industries. 

The Ambassador informed to the both Minister that between Indonesia and Senegal have something in common that both country are country with a Muslim population reaches 92% of total population and the OIC members who consistently fight for the independence of a Palestinian state. In addition, Indonesia and Senegal also play an active role in creating world peace through sending peacekeepers who are members of the UN peace missions in various parts of the world.

The Ambassador expressed his appreciation to the Government of Senegal which plays an active role in world peace by sending troops, which reached 3,575 personnel in various UN peacekeeping missions. For its active role, Senegal was ranked the 7th in the number of dispatch peacekeepers. In this regard, the Ambassador said that Indonesia also has a continuing commitment in creating peace and stability in Africa by sending 2,729 peacekeepers incorporated in various UN peace missions in eight countries in the African continent. The Ambassador mentioned that Indonesia was ranked 11th in the number of dispatch peacekeepers.

The Ambassador utilized the meeting to promote Indonesian shipbuilding industry managed by PT PAL with various types and capacity of passenger ships such as cargo ships, goods, ferries and ships for military purposes. The Ambassador had also talk to President Macky Sall regarding the industry when handing over his credentials in the beginning of April 2016. In addition, the Ambassador also promoted the arms industry and military equipment produced by PT PINDAD, military uniform by PT Sritex, and aviation industry by PT DI, producer of CN-235 aircraft and helicopters.

In a meeting with Interior Minister Senegal, the Ambassador also met with the Inspector General of Police, Ministry of Interior of Senegal, who expressed his interest in several Indonesian strategic industrial production such as ferry made by PT. PAL. Senegal, which is currently building its economy, wants to complete its military transport to support surveillance activities in the border areas. In addition to military purposes, Senegal also requires a ferry as a VIP transport for short distance between cities.

Besides ships, Senegal also needs helicopters that will be used as air patrol to monitor the borders. Senegal interested in helicopters manufactured by PT DI and asked the Ambassador to provide the brochures about helicopter production by PT DI to be discussed in a meeting of higher-level officials.

The Senegalese Minister of Interior expressed his appreciation to the Government of Indonesia which has imposed a free visa for short visit to Senegalese nationals and promised to the Ambassador that the Government of Senegal will reciprocally take similar measures to Indonesian citizens. In fact, at the time of the meeting, the Interior Minister immediately ordered one of his Director-Generals to proceed the policy of visa-free for short visit for Indonesian nationals.