Meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Senegal and Region of Thiès, Indonesian Ambassador Promotes Indonesia's Economic Potential and TEI 2016

​On 2-3 June 2016, Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal, Mr. Mansyur Pangeran, had a meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Senegal, Mr. Serign Mboup, and the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Thiès region, Mr. Modou Diop, in order to promote the economic potential of Indonesia as well as exploring opportunities for cooperation in various sectors to improve economic relations between Indonesia and Senegal. The Ambassador also took advantage of the meeting to promote the upcoming Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2016.

In a meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Senegal, the Ambassador said that Indonesia is one of the country's third-largest economic power in Asia. Indonesia is also the world's largest producer and exporter of palm oil, and one of the biggest producers of cocoa and rubber in the world. Indonesia also has a variety of manufacturing industries that have competitive export quality and several strategic industries that are growing rapidly and export-oriented, inter alia, PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PT. Pindad, PT. PAL and PT. INKA.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Senegal, which coordinates 14 Regional Chamber across Senegal, in response said that most entrepreneurs in Senegal already know the large economic potential of Indonesia but considerable distance separating the two countries became one of the challenges for Senegal in doing economic cooperation with Indonesia. However, it would continue to cooperate with the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar in promoting the Indonesia's potentials and commodities in Senegal. The Chairman also promised to the Ambassador that he will encourage all businessmen in Senegal to attend the TEI 2016 in Jakarta.

Mr. Serign Mboup is a Senegalese businessman who has been working with Indonesian companies and importing products from Indonesia such as detergents and soaps named "So Klin" since 1994. According to him, the product "So Klin" is very popular in Senegal and his company imports about 6 to 7 containers of 40 feet each month. Besides, the company also imported equipment wrapping machine for detergents and soaps from Indonesia.

After meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Senegal, Mr. Modou Diop, the Ambassador also met with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Thiès (the 2nd largest province after Dakar). During the meeting, the Ambassador also expressed various Indonesia's economic potential and encourage entrepreneurs in the city of Thiès to cooperate with businessmen from Indonesia.

Mr. Modou Diop, in his response to the Ambassador expressed his hope that the Indonesian businessmen can make investments to Senegal to develop the city of Thiès and the surrounding areas, especially in mining (phosphate). Mr. Modou Diop also said it will continue to cooperate and support the Embassy in promoting Indonesian products in Senegal, particularly in Thiès and its surrounding areas.

Since 2013 the Chamber of Commerce of Thiès actively collaborating with the Embassy in order to introduce Indonesian products while promoting event Trade Expo Indonesia at various trade fairs held in Thies. Mr. Modou Diop is an entrepreneur importer of vehicles and electronic equipment.

Besides Thiès, the Ambassador will aggressively carry out promotional activities to other provinces in Senegal to boost the value of trade between Indonesia and Senegal, which reached USD 80 million in 2015. The Indonesian Ambassador choose Thiès as a starting point of raoadshow because as the Province of Thiès is the entrance to the capital Dakar that has great potential in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, industry and mining. Thiès region is also one of the industrial zones that are growing rapidly.