Indonesian Embassy in Dakar Successfully Repatriates Two Troubled Indonesian Ship Crew

​On May 10, 2016, the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar managed to repatriate 2 Indonesian ship crews who had experienced problems in Dakar, Senegal. Both crews named Dedi Ristiawan and Sukendi, who worked for Fishing Vessel New Bai 168 (flagged Taiwan), had not been paid for 8 (eight) months since 2015. The contract of the two Indonesians should have ended on March 31, 2016, yet they just had been repatriated by the company on may 10, 2016 because they must wait for the company paid off their delayed salary. The late payment of salary due to the Taiwanese fishing company were bankrupt, and required the company selling a significant number of its fishing vessels including the vessel where the Indonesian was working. The ship was consequently renamed as New Bai 168.

In this case, Indonesian Embassy in Dakar always continued to monitor and assisted the two Indonesians facing their problems, as well as coordinated with the Company. Indonesian Embassy in Dakar also continuously monitored the condition of the crews and provided logistical support. The efforts made by the Embassy beared the fruitful results making the company implemented its obligation to pay the delayed salary and completed their repatriation process.

Both the crews expressed their gratitude to the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar who have helped to resolve the problem.  One of the crews, Dedi Ristiawan, stated that if they did not get any help from Indonesian Embassy in Dakar, their problems may not be solved and their delayed salary may not be paid timely. Both the crews were repatriated on May 10, 2016 using the airline Emirates.

In addition to the two crews, currently there are five Indonesian ship crews, who is working at the same company, has not been paid for 8 (eight) months. However, the five crew members can not be repatriated immediately because they still have to run their contract until the next six months. Indonesian Embassy in Dakar continues to monitor and urges the company to immediately pay the delayed salaries of the five crews.