Indonesian Culture the Best in the World Cultural Month 2016

On April 29, 2016, the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar participated in the World Cultural Month (WCM) organized by the International School of Dakar (ISD), Senegal. The event was attended by thousands of visitors from the city of Dakar who were very enthusiastic to see the variety of cultural uniqueness displayed from various countries. 

The World Cultural Month event is an annual event held with an aim to showcase and promote the uniqueness of culture from various ountries to the Senegalese community in general and especially to expatriates in Dakar. For the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar, this participation is the fourth time in a row since 2013. Every year the Embassy always receives a special invitation from the Director of the ISD to participate in the prestigious World Cultural Month event.

ISD is an international private school in Dakar, Senegal, which is based on the American curriculum, with school levels ranging from pre-school up to level 12. The composition of students who study in ISD is very diverse and consists of 55 citizenship from all over the world.

At the World Cultural Month in 2016, the Embassy's booth attracted visitors by displaying video and various tourism posters, distributing tourism flyers, showcasing various arts crafts such as weaving and batik. In addition, the Embassy also displayed gamelan musical instruments. Gamelan pretty much attracted the enthusiasm of visitors because the visitors were given the opportunity to try the instrument and very interested in the uniqueness of shapes and sounds generated from. The Embassy also took advantage of the prestigious event to introduce the featured culinary Indonesian fried rice, fried noodles, satay and ice jazzed. In that event, the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar also involved an active role of the spouses of diplomats well as Indonesian citizens in the Dakar by joining a parade of national clothes. 

The interesting thing is that the Indonesian flag fluttering in the field, especially during the parade. The flag also continued to fly in the middle of the square in front of the main stage. During the entire festival, participants happily singing and dancing along with the music and dance of Africa.

Participation Embassy in Dakar in the World Cultural Month event is very important to introduce Indonesia more broadly, especially from the aspect of culture. Thee visitors were very enthusiastic, proven that the entire culinary Indonesia only in one hour sold out by the visitors. The promotional event is expected to attract the citizens of Senegal and foreigners to come to Indonesia, both for visiting as a tourist or buying handmade products typical of Indonesia.

At the World Cultural Month 2016,​​, Indonesia's booth received an award as the best and favorite booth.