Indonesian Ambassador in Dakar Offers Indonesian Ferry Ship To Senegal

​​​​On July 26-28, 2017, Indonesian Ambassador in Dakar, Mansyur Pangeran, made a Working Visit to Popenguine Town, a town in northern Senegal with a population of about 50,000 and is well known as one of the tourist destinations for foreign tourists and religious centers for Christian (Penta Kosta).

The visit aims to improve Indonesia's relationship with Senegal especially with city of Popenguiine where both parties can collaborate for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Ambassador Mansyur on the occasion of the meeting with the Mayor of Popenguine, Mamadou Mansour Thiandoum, presented an overview of Indonesia, Indonesia's international position including bilateral relations between Indonesia and Senegal, Indonesia's current economic condition, Indonesia's potential and many opportunities that can be collaborated with Popenguine city in the field of trade, investment, education and tourism.

Mayor Popenguine in his response said that the urban planning and infrastructure of Popenguine is still far from adequate. Therefore, the Mayor of Popenguine who wants to develop Popenguine's potential invites Indonesian investors to invest and jointly build the town of Popenguine. Mayor Mamadou Mansour Thiandoum also expects cooperation from the Indonesian side in various fields. In this regard, Ambassador Mansyur explained the possibility of cooperation in the field of fisheries, especially capacity building on fishery by Indonesian experts for fisherman in Popenguine. Mayor Popenguine also expects Indonesia's cooperation to be able to do farm and livestock training for Popenguine farmers by agricultural and livestock experts from Indonesia. Farming and livestock are still traditionally done and require a touch of skill and technological improvement. Mayor Popenguine also expects the assistance of the Government of Indonesia in the field of women empowerment to provide training for women in Popenguine mainly in the field of creative economic skills. 

In the field of education, Ambassador Mansyur conveyed a scholarship offer from the Government of Indonesia that can be used by youth in Popenguine to study in Indonesia. Mayor Mamadou Mansour welcomes the scholarship offer and will disseminate this information to schools in Popenguine. 

Offer PT. PAL Ferry 

The Government of Senegal has launched a development program in Popenguine which is the Largest Container Port in Senegal and the Ferry Port which connects with Dakar Port. Mayor Mamadou Mansour Thiandoum invited Indonesian investors to participate in this great project. To meet the needs of sea transportation Dakar - Popenguine, Ambassador Mansyur offers Ferry Ship made by PT. PAL to the Government of Senegal, which currently has no such means of transportation. Ambassador Mansyur also offers the participation of Indonesia to the Government of Senegal for the construction of the Port of Container and Ferry Port referred to, in this case in cooperation with national construction company such as PT. Waskita Karya and PT. Wijaya Karya.

Popenguine is internationally recognized as a center of Christian religious worship (Penta Kosta) in Senegal and some countries some more than a hundred years ago. Popenguine can be said to be the model of a place where religious tolerance is well practiced in Senegal where many are found in one family people living together with different religions.