Indonesian Ambassador Proposes Industrial and Mining Cooperation between Indonesia and Senegal

​On May 26, 2016, the Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal, Mr. Mansyur Pangeran, paid a courtesy call to Mr. Ngouille Aly Ndiaye, Minister of Industry and Mines of Senegal, to introduce himself as the new Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal while at the same time proposing a cooperation between Indonesia and Senegal in the sectors of industry and mines.

During the meeting, the Indonesian​ Ambassador said that Indonesia is currently building its national economy and is heavily promoting its economic potentials to various countries, particularly the potential in manufacturing sector, which is the largest sector contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Indonesia. Aside from being a producer and exporter of palm oil in the world, Indonesia is also one of the biggest cocoa and rubber producing countries in the world.

In addition, the Indonesian Ambassador also said that the Indonesian strategic industry is also growing rapidly and export-oriented. Indonesian Ambassador gives examples of some Indonesian strategic industries, among others, PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PT. Pindad, PT. PAL and PT. INKA which have been growing rapidly, and conducting exports to various countries in Africa, including Senegal. The Ambassador said that Indonesia is very open to cooperate with Senegal in various potential sectors of both countries.

Minister Aly Ndiaye in his response said that Senegal is a developing country which is currently building its economy and requires a cooperation and support as well as assistance from friendly countries. Some Senegal's industrial sectors that have not reached the target need an assistance from other countries, both from government and private sectors. Minister Aly Ndiaye also expects a significant amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Senegal, particularly in the mining sector.

Senegal has great potential in the mining sector, including the production of phosphate, titanium, gold, platinium, iron ore, uranium, zircon, leucoxene, rutile and ilmenite. Minister Aly Ndiaye in this regard hopes that Indonesia can help building the economy of Senegal by conducting economic cooperation, in particular to invest in the mining sector. Minister Aly Ndiaye views that Indonesia is a big country that has the potential to cooperate with Senegal, especially in the economic sector.