Fun Walk with Indonesian Community in Dakar

​On 10 April 2016, the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, hold a Fun Walk, followed by all Indonesian citizens in Dakar. Fun Walk is a monthly routine activity undertaken by the Embassy together with the Indonesian citizens in Dakar. Besides improving fitness, the objective of the activity is to increase the relationship, togetherness and brotherhood among Indonesian citizens in Dakar.

The route of the Fun Walk was along the Corniche coast where the landscape is very beautiful and it is the track that every runner or jogger passes every morning and the afternoon.

After Fun Walk, the Embassy also hold a series of competitions among the citizens such as table tennis, basketball, darts and others. Besides Fun Walk, the Embassy also participated in the ASEAN Sport Day held annually among ASEAN State members in Dakar.

Indonesian Ambassador, Mr. Mansyur Pangeran in his opening speech invited all Indonesians to stay healthy with regular exercise.

Fun Walk Participants were very enthusiastic, energetic and frequently taking selfie with beautiful beach background.

On the same day there is also a hiking activity organized by the French Embassy in Dakar in collaboration with Groupe des Amis de la Francophonie in order to raise fund for charity for people with disabilities and orphanages. Hiking activity with a distance of 8.9 km was attended by a number of Senegalese Ministry officials, MPs, foreign ambassadors in Senegal and representatives of international organizations. Thousands of people in Dakar participated in the event.

In Senegal, a hiking activity or running has become a culture for the local community. In fact, in Dakar around 500 people each day gather in the beach along the Corniche route just to do a little exercise like sit-ups, push-ups, skipping, and jogging. On the Corniche it can also be found easily fitness equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, disc load and a stationary bike. The tools provided by the Government and are free to use for the public.

Dakar which is mostly surrounded by coastline, with only 10-20 minutes, beach becomes very easy to reach from home. The runners who run on the beach every day become one of the main attractions in the city of Dakar.

Sport is a culture in Senegal. Besides cheap, exercise also makes body healthy and creates ideal body shape. The obesity rate in Senegal is quite low, even it is very rare to find citizens of Senegal with excess weight. Most of its citizens are very athletic.

Source: Division of Information, Social and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dakar-Senegal. 2016