After Plane and Train, Now Senegal Orders Ship from Indonesia

Dakar (20/4): President Director of PT. PAL Indonesia, Budiman Saleh, has confirmed that Senegal will buy a tanker and cargo weighing 18,500 tons. In addition, Budi also confirmed that Senegal is also interested in purchasing two 60 meter patrol boats to oversee 700 km of coastal areas.

Minister for Development of the Senegal National Railway Network, Abdou Ndene Sall, who represents the Government of Senegal during his visit to PT. PAL and Indonesia-Africa Forum (IAF) in Bali last week, said that Senegal will buy some other ships from PT. PAL, among others: 50 passenger VIP ship for President; 250 passenger ferries for transportation to Goree Island; and fast ferry capacity 500 and 2000 passengers for transportation to Ziguinchor Province and surrounding area with economy class, business class and first class specifications.

 "Currently the vessel used to transport passengers from Dakar to Ziguinchor is a ship from South Korea. We hope that Indonesia can immediately realize this cooperation to meet the needs of sea transportation in Senegal because between Indonesia and Senegal has ever been a historical bond in this field."

Indonesian Ambassador in Dakar, Mansyur Pangeran, said that the process of purchasing this ship has been started since 2017 and the in-charge agency, Conseil d'Administration du Conseil Sénégalais des Chargeurs (COSEC), has already visited PT. PAL.

Ambassador Mansyur added that the need for vessels in Senegal is enormous. He said that Indonesia and Senegal had a historical bond when the Senegalese ferry "le Joola" with Dakar - Ziguinchor route sank and was replaced by a ferry “Wilis" hired from Indonesia (Pelni) complete with the captain of the ship and its crew.

"This historical bond proves a high commitment from the Government of Indonesia to foster cooperation with Senegal."

Budiman welcomes Senegal's interest, and his company will submit a proposal with specifications to get an official response from Senegal.

Budiman also offered a tug boat and requested that Minister Ndene Sall be able to convey to related parties in Senegal. (dms)