Cabo Verde

​​I. Country Profile​​​

Country:Republic of Cabo Verde
Head of State/ Government:Jorge Carlos Fonseca (since 9 September 2011)
Head of Parliament:Jorge Pedro Mauricio dos Santos (since April 2016)
Prime Minister:Dr. José Ulisses Correia e Silva (since 22 April 2016)
Minister of Foreign Affairs:Luís Filipe Tavares (since 2016)
Official Language:Portuguese
Religion:Catholic (80%), Christian (10%), other religions (10%)
Independence Day:5 Juli 1975
Territory:4.033 Km²
Penduduk:539.560 (World Bank, 2016)

West African CFA (XOF)

XOF per USD : 617 (2017)

GDP (Nominal):USD 1,617 miliar (World Bank, 2016)
GDP (Per Capita):USD 2.997,7​​ (World Bank, 2016)
Foreign Exchange Reserve:USD 572,7 million (includes golds) ​(World Bank, 2016)
Foreign Direct Investment:USD -110,6 juta (World Bank2016)
Total Value of International Trade:

USD 821 million (2015) defisit USD 391 million

GDP Growth:3,9 % (World Bank, 2016)
Industries:Tourism, ServiceFisheries
Country Representative:


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dakar

Cabo Verde:

Embassy of the Republic of Cabo Verde in Beijing

II. Bilateral Relations

  • Politics

No bilateral agreement existed between Indonesia and Cabo Verde. In 2016, Cabo Verde changed accreditation from previously accredited to the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja to be accredited to the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar. Meanwhile, Indonesia is accredited to Cabo Verde Representative in Beijing.​

  • Economy and Trade

Based on data from the Ministry of Trade, the total trade value between Indonesia and Cabo Verde in 2016 reached USD 536,500, a decrease of 86% compared to 2015 (USD 3,9 million) with the deficit on Cabo Verdean side amounted to USD 498,300.

  • Social-Culture

No social and cultural cooperation existed between Indonesia and Cabo Verde.