The 1st Asia-Europe Meeting Transport Ministers Meeting (ASEM TMM).


The 1st Asia-Europe Meeting Transport Ministers Meeting (ASEM TMM) was held on 19-20 October, 2009 in Vilnius, Lithuania, with Lithuania and China as co-host. The meeting was opened by the Lithuanian President,  Dalia Grybauskaite and was attended by 36 of the ASEM partners (16 Transportation Ministers and 20 officials ranked as high as Foreign Minister/Senior Officer, including Austria, Belgia, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Philipines, Estonia, Finland, Hungaria, England, Irlandia, Indonesia, Italia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherland, Pakistan, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapura, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam, Greece, dan The European Commission), and representations from the International Transport Forum. The Indonesian Delegation in the meeting was led by Expert Staff for Technology and Enery at the Transportation Ministry, and consisted of the Director for Intra-region Cooperation for the America and Europe Department, his staff, and staff at the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen.
ASEM TMM was held in order to support the development of the economic pillar of the ASEM and to follow up of the principles of the Hanoi Declaration on Closer Economic Partnership 2004 which emphasizes on the need for the need of an improved cooperation in various economic fields, including transportation to enhance trande and facilitation between the two region, Asia and Europe.
The meeting has agreed that the development of a coordinated transportation system between two regions, Asia and Europe, could be an effective  instrument to face various challenges nowadays, especially the global economic crisis. Asia and Europe have a variety of transportation needs and policies, but it is necessary to reach a common vision to support the future cooperation. Furthermore, the said common vision is needed to put into paper as a Plan of Action as an ASEM cooperation guide in the transportation field. The meeting also emphasized several aspects that needs attention in seeking a sustainable transportation system, which are the technological equity, intermodal transport, security, environment, and strategic policies that support the sustainable transportation system. The importance of cooperation in transportation infrastructure development was also one of the issues discussed.

The next ASEM Transport Ministers Meeting will be held in China at 2011. the result of this conference, the Vilnius Declaration on Closer Asia-Europe Transport Coopeartion and the Joint Co-Chairman Statement will be delivered at the 8th ASEM Summit in Brussels, October 2009.