Ældresagen (Pensioners) of Herlev interested in visiting Indonesia

Ældresagen (Pensioner) of Herlev interested in visiting Indonesia


Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, Ældresagen Herlev visit The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Copenhagen within the Embassy's program of "Visit Indonesian Embassy". Ældresagen of Herlev brought along 51 members, which were previously listed in the waiting list of the Ældresagen when its visit the Embassy in November last year. The city of Herlev is one of the satellites city located around 25 kilometres from the Capital of Copenhagen. With a total of 750,000 members across Denmark, the pensioners group is a targeted market by airlines, travel operators and lux products in Denmark. For the Indonesian Embassy, Ældresagen is a potential market for Indonesian tourism promotion. Ældresagen members age range between 60-70 years (Denmark life expectancy is 80.5 years) with lists of agendas which has been prepared by the Ældresagen administrator, including the agenda for a trip to several Asian countries.

Welcoming the pensioners, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Ibnu Said, welcomed the pensioners to the Embassy to see in first-hand the hospitality of Indonesia with potentials of tourism, diversity of biodiversity and the diversity of culinary of which has been recognized internationally such as Rendang. The Embassy will facilitate and ensure prompt, accurate, easy and transparent services to Danish citizens.

Spokesperson for Ældresagen of Herlev, Ms. Birgit Gravensen, expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador and the Embassy's staffs for the hospitality and invitation to Ældresagen of Herlev. Ældresagen of Herlev is fortunate to have been given the opportunity by the Embassy in Copenhagen to directly experience the hospitality and cultural diversity of Indonesia presented by the Indonesian community and the Embassy's staffs. Birgit also said that many from the members of the Ældresagen are impressed of Indonesia and are willing to know more about Indonesia through a visit to the Embassy.

At the beginning of the even, the pensioners said they did not know anything about Indonesia. However, during event, they looked very enthusiastic watching the video of Wonderful Indonesia, performed traditional dances of Indonesia, the introduction of traditional musical instruments Angklung and Gamelan, and enjoy Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Kuning, Rendang, and Mie Goreng. In addition, they also had the opportunity to enjoy Indonesia coffee and tea.

Through an in-depth questionnaire and live interviews with some members of the Ældresagen, 30 out of 51 pensioners expressed interest and wanted to visit Indonesia in the near future. In addition to questionnaires, the Embassy also provides a list of prices of tourism packages to a number of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

According to the data from the Directorate General of Immigration as of March 2018, the visitors from Danish and Lithuanian citizen to Indonesia are increasing every year with an average increase of 25% for Danes and 47% for Lithuanians. In the first quarter of this year or from the start of January to March 2018, there are 391 visas that have been issued by the Embassy for the two accreditation countries, this amount is not included for the citizens who arrive by using Visa on Arrival and Visa exemption in Indonesia.