Remarks of the Charge d’Affaires Dewaruci On-Board Reception Colombo, 22 September 2012




Chief of Staff of the Sri Lankan Navy, Vice Admiral Somathilake Dissayanake;

Distinguished guests, officers of the Sri Lankan Navy, Army and Air Force;

Ladies and gentlemen;


On behalf of the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo and the Sail Ship Dewaruci, I would like to express our thanks to all of you for accepting our invitation to this wonderful on-board reception. Allow me also to extend our special appreciation to the Government of Sri Lanka for the hospitality extended to Dewaruci Sail Ship and her crews during its visit in Colombo.


Ladies and gentlemen;


I am honored to witness the visits of Indonesian ships within these two years, namely Sultan Iskandar Muda, Sultan Hasanuddin, Frans Kaisieppo and, especially, Dewaruci. For Dewaruci, this is the second visit after the one done in October 2010. These ship visits are evidence of an advanced cooperation between the Indonesian and Sri Lankan military officials.


Moreover, we have exchange of officials on various training programs and official visits both in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The intensity of training officials and officials visits have been increasing during these recent 3 years. The visits of high-level officials especially highlight the advancement of bilateral cooperation of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, which celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relation in this year, 2012.


It is our fervent hope to see this achievement in support and cooperation maintained and even promoted in the future. We are indeed in a timely momentum to bring this cordial relationship to subsequent stage, by translating it into a mutually beneficial cooperation.


Cooperation in military-related is one example.  Indonesian military-related supply manufacturers have already been geared up for international market. They have exported high quality supplies for military personnel in 25 countries in Asia, Europe and America, including NATO personnel. I am confident that there is a huge opportunity to explore possible schemes of military-related cooperation between Indonesia and Sri Lanka in the near future.


Ladies and gentlemen;


We are here also as friends and colleagues from two friendly countries, gathering on maybe the oldest historical ship of Indonesian Navy.

Dewaruci is intended as means of real training for the cadets in improving their physics, esprit de corps and skills. It is means of professional perfection, as suggested in the mythological quest of a warrior named “Bima”—the very same name of the Ship’s Commander, Liutenant Colonel Haris Bima Bayuseto.


But then Dewaruci becomes another legend itself. It is also a symbol for unrelenting voyage for friendship because it has made friends in every mile of its adventure around the world. This ship becomes a goodwill ambassador for promotion of cultural understanding.


It promotes the Indonesian culture, and try going native with the local culture. It speaks for itself that friendship is beyond border through direct interaction with new friends everywhere, particularly in Sri Lanka. And the image of Sri Lanka being a friendly and fast developing country will be eventually spread at home.


Ladies and gentlemen;


Allow me, on behalf of the Embassy and the Ship, to wish you all a wonderful evening onboard, and enjoy Indonesian food and cultural performance from the Ship.

Thank you.