Remarks of the Ambassador in The Farewell Diplomatic Reception Colombo, 21 December 2011




Honorable Ministers;

Honorable Members of Parliament;

Dear Excellencies High Commissioners and Ambassadors;

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen;


First of all, allow me to express my deepest appreciation to you all, Honorable Ministers, Honorable Members of Parliament Excellencies and distinguished colleagues, for accepting the invitation to join our farewell reception in this evening.


My term of assignment will end on 31 December 2011. And my family and I will leave Colombo, returning to Jakarta on 3 January 2012.


Being assigned as Ambassador for 3.5 years has been an exceptional experience for me. I have seen the ups and downs and also rapid changes of this country, especially those happening in Colombo. I will leave behind my memory of the down times. But surely I will bring all my good memories in Sri Lanka to Indonesia and cherish them forever.


Honorables, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen;


There is only one priority in my assignment here: That is to improve the relation of Indonesia and Sri Lanka in all aspects, like the cordial relations existing during our early years of independence.  


And I feel honored that at the end of my assignment HE President Mahindra Rajapaksa visited Indonesia for the 4th Session of Bali Democracy Forum and had a Bilateral Meeting with HE President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.


I am certain that the meeting of the two Leaders will pave the way to further stronger bilateral cooperation.


Honorables, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen;


I personally fall in love with this Country, with all its beauties and flaws. I adore the beautiful nature. I enjoy the friendship and hospitality of the people. And I admire the local wisdom inspiring every aspect of live here.


I might be retired, but I will continue dedicate my best works for the advancement of our bilateral relation, especially people-to-people contact between Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


Whenever you leave for Indonesia, please remember that you have me as your friend there. I would be pleased to be your host.


Farewell, my friends.


Thank you.