Remarks of the Ambassador in Handing Over Buddha Statue Colombo, 2 January 2012




Honorable Prof. Gamini Lakshman Peiris, Minister of External Affairs;

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen;


Honorable, thank you for allowing me to take this auspicious moment to do the symbolic gesture of handing over a Buddha Statue. I feel honored to represent the Government of Indonesia in handing over the Statue to you, Honorable, for the Government of Sri Lanka.


This Statue is a present from the Indonesian Buddhist community for the Sri Lankan people. It is made of lava stone weighing approximately 700 kilograms.


The Statue is one of the best carving artworks of Indonesian artists from Magelang District, Indonesia, close to the renowned Borobudur Temple. The District is famous for its excellent stone and wood carving artworks, exported worldwide.


Honorable Minister;

Ladies and gentlemen;


People-to-people contact between Indonesia and Sri Lanka has established centuries ago. It began with the spread of Buddhism to the Archipelago in the 6th century, to the early years of independence in 1950s and up to this day.


The Statue represents our fervent wish for celebrating and upholding the long lasting cordial relation between the Indonesian and Sri Lankan people.


And also we hope that the Statue will remind you of your fellow friends in Indonesia in your heart and every prayer, every day.


Thank you.