Address of the Ambassador in The Welcoming Reception of SLIFA-SLIBC For Indonesian Ambassador and Madame Harimawan Suyitno 22 November 2012 at 07.30 pm




Dear Mr. Patrick Rodrigo, President of SLIFA,

Dear Mr. Jatinder Biala, President of SLIBC,

Esteemed Members of SLIFA and SLIBC,

Ladies and gentlemen,


Allow me to begin with conveying my deepest appreciation to you, Mr. Patrick Rodrigo, for arranging this welcoming reception. I would also like to thank all of you for gracing this auspicious gathering with your presence.


Ladies and gentlemen,


I am effectively assigned in Sri Lanka, with accreditation to the Maldives, commencing on October 2012. Allow me to introduce the lovely lady next to me, who is my wife, Madame Titi Harimawan. We are blessed with three children, and two grand children. All of them are in Indonesia.


It is my pleasure to find out that SLIFA and SLIBC have been cooperating with us for long time, even before the establishment of SLIFA in 1992. But then, there have been always friendly contacts and socio-cultural bond between Indonesia and Sri Lanka traced back as early as 1952, when our diplomatic relation was officially opened.


This is not an overnight achievement. We should continue to work together in pursuing our shared objective in promoting people-to-people contact between Indonesians and Sri Lankans. We can pursue synergic efforts together to achieve the objective.


In this regard, as the patron, I look forward to continuing the good cooperation with such supportive, professional colleagues as you are. An as the Ambassador, I encourage all efforts for the maintenance and advancement of our cordial bilateral relation. I am certain that we share similar commitment to the purpose, with SLIFA and SLIBC at the center of the scheme for bilateral friendship and beneficial cooperation.


Finally, I wish to bid the very best wishes for a successful cooperation among all of us, and particularly SLIFA and SLIBC, in the coming years.


Thank you