Culinary Diplomacy Innovation by Indonesian Embassy in Colombo


(Colombo, 7/7), Memorable love comes from the palate. Bearing this Indonesian maxim in mind, the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo, in cooperation with Indonesian Women’s Association and the Lanka Mahila Samiti, have organized the Indonesian Culinary Demonstration today (7/7). The event is graced with the welcoming remarks of Madam Yelimiaty Djafar, wife of Indonesian Ambassador for Sri Lanka and Maldives.


About 63 Sri Lankan and Indonesian participants are excited to follow step-by-step demonstration of cooking the famous dishes Nasi Goreng and Sate Blora, starting from preparing the ingredients, stir-frying the spice mixture, grilling the skewered meat, to garnishing the dish. Some background information on the two dishes are also provided in a mini cook book. The participants are eager to seek further details through direct questions to the cooks. They excitedly enjoy Nasi Goreng and Sate Ayam Blora distributed to each participant, as a sample of each dish that have just been cooked. Enthusiasm is also felt among the representatives of the newspapers and TV covering the event after they savor both dishes.


Beyond the purpose of culinary promotion, the event is held to share with Sri Lankans a piece of living cooking tradition of Indonesia, namely Nasi Goreng (stir-fried rice) and Sate Ayam Blora (Chicken Satay from Blora). These humble, yet delightful dishes are favorite items on daily lifestyle of modern Indonesians at homes and diners. They are so popular that even the Presidential household chooses Nasi Goreng and Sate as items among the state dinner menu, representing signature dishes of the country.


Furthermore, the event is considered as an opportunity to promote friendship and people-to-people contact between Sri Lankans and Indonesians. Through food as one of many universal languages for strengthening friendship, it is hoped that the notion of friendly, exciting Indonesia will attach in the minds of fellow Sri Lankans.