Indonesians Commemorating the 68th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day on 17 Agustus 2013




?This morning (17/8), ?Indonesian expatriates in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan friends of Indonesia gathered in the Indonesian Embassy -  Colombo to commemorate the 68th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day. The commemoration event is focused on the Flag Hoisting Ceremony, a tradition observed by Indonesians all over the world. The ceremony is led by Indonesian Ambassador H.E. Harimawan Suyitno.

In his remarks, Ambassador Suyitno calls upon Indonesian to uphold understanding and tolerance in implementing the democracy because Indonesia is blessed with social-cultural pluralism. The same attitude should apply in supporting the success of the upcoming 2014 Election. Ambassador Suyitno also emphasizes the importance of political stability in maintaining the economy and all related achievements. Active roles in regional and international for a are assumed as realization to Indonesia’s commitment to its constitution in which the country is tasked to offer active contribution for the world peace. The ceremony closes with pray dedicated to the independence heroes as well as the prevailing peace and welfare of Indonesia.

The ceremony is followed by a fellowship gathering. Nasi tumpeng, a traditional Indonesian rice feast, takes up the attention of Indonesian expatriates who long for the traditional dish from home. The feast is trying to win the heart and palate of other invitees. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013