Remarks of the Madame Yelimiaty Djafar in The Ladies’ Farewell Lunch Colombo, 23 December 2011




Dearest Madame _____;

Dearest ladies of diplomatic community in Colombo;

Distinguished guests;


First of all, allow me to convey my deepest appreciation to Madame _____, and all of you for hosting and arranging this lovely farewell lunch. It is a very nice of you making this wonderful gathering to happen, amidst your busy days preparing for Christmas and the new-year celebration.


The term of assignment of my husband will end on 31 December 2011. We are now preparing to return to Jakarta on 3 January 2012.


My husband and I will enjoy our time there. We will watch over our children and grandchildren, taking the pleasure of observing them growing at close distance.


Dearest sisters; 


I have been living a fantastic 3.5-year life in Sri Lanka. I am surrounded by pleasant people offering friendship to everyone equally. I have lived far from my relatives in Indonesia, but I found warmth of a new family here. I fervently hope that this friendship can last even if I am not around any longer. Like my husband. I will cherish forever our memories in Sri Lanka.


Whenever you visit Indonesia, please remember that you have me, your friend, to meet there. Thank you.