Address of the Ambassador in Hari Bahasa Melayu and Commemoration of 123 Anniversary of Dr. TB Jayah Birth 6 January 2013 at 09.00 am




Dear Mr. T. K. Azoor, President of Coslam,

Esteemed executive committee and members of Coslam, Ladies and gentlemen,

A very good morning to you all!


First of all, I would like to congratulate Mr. Azoor and Coslam for organizing the events to commemorate the 7th Malay Language Day. Your spirit of advocating the sri lankan malay language as tradition is a paragon to the younger generation.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Language is an important element in forming a community’s identity. Identity is not inborn trait; it is a direct result of the presence of elements from the "common points" in people's daily lives such as language to history, consciousness and culture. In the wave of globalization and easy access to information, communities should have astonishing power to preserve the values and culture that form their identity. It is more than a matter of community pride per se. Community values and culture are the very fundamental ground for the whole nation. Indeed the key to successful nationalism revival often lies in the efforts safeguarding shared cultural traits such as language.


To Indonesia, the significance of our national language, Indonesian Language, is highlighted in our history, constitution and society. Indonesian Language is part of the three pledges made by multi-ethnic youths to support one cause for Indonesia as a nation in 28 October 1908. It was 37 years before the independence declaration in 1945.


Indonesian Language is the official language in accordance to Indonesia’s 1945 Constitution. And as Indonesians use the language daily in offices, business, schools and universities, Indonesian Language indicates much development from its origin. It absorbs new words from different languages to adopt new concepts to keep up with our current development. It has been the essence of Indonesian identity.


It is my fervent hope that the Sri Lankan Malay community can continue to preserve the Sri Lankan Malay language. We all understand how the language is an important part of community. It completes the exceptional identity of the whole Sri Lanka.


Ladies and gentlemen;

This event is also held to commemorate the 123rd anniversary of the birth of Dr. Tuan Burhanudeen Jayah on 1 January 1890. It is needless to mention that there are countless references and evidences indicating his great contribution to the country as educationalist, statesman and diplomat.


He was a man with many talents and perpetual passion. His passion in education has left the legacy of accessible quality education. He also served as council member and minister. His good work as the Ceylon High Commissioner to Pakistan is often praised to contribute considerably to the early establishment of Sri Lanka-Pakistan relation in 1950s.     


I am certain that Dr. Jayah’s passionate works in pursuing better education for our children will remain among us. Above all, we certainly hope to live on his determination to contribute to the development to the country.


Ladies and gentlemen;

Please allow me to end my remarks with my best wishes to Coslam pursuing its objectives. I wish you all success in promoting contribution of Malay community to the advancement of Sri Lanka.


Thank you.