Chicagoan Granted the Arts and Culture Scholarship 2012


Arts and Culture Scholarship arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia continue to grant students and people from around the world to learn particularly the arts and culture of diverse region in Indonesia. This year, for the second time awardee from United States has an opportunity to stay in Indonesia for three months (April – July) to learn the arts and culture from the experts in person.


Stephany Colunga, the 2012 awardee, is alumnus of Institute of Arts and Design Technology in Chicago. She spent most of her time to explore her passion on arts and meet people with their own uniqueness. She recently joins Friends of Gamelan (FroG) and frequently practices with the group. She also creates various kinds of arts on her own such as fashion designs and jewelry.


The last year awardee (2011) was Peter Corina (an alumnus of Northern Illinois University- DeKalb). He learnt musical instrument, Angklung and Indonesian martial art, Pencak Silat in Bandung.


This fully funded scholarship has attracted many applicants not only in USA, but also applicants worldwide. So, people if you missed the opportunity this year do not hesitate to try your chance for next year term. Good luck!