The Cooperation Between The Embassy Of Indonesia And Proyecto 365 Venezuela Was Actively Promoted On The Radio


?During the first week of September 2015, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Venezuela, H.E Prianti Gagarin Djatmiko-Singgih actively promoted the cooperation between Indonesian Embassy and the emerging designers from, Proyecto 365 Venezuela.

On Friday, 4th of September, The Ambassador and the president of Proyecto 365 Venezuela, Carolyn Aldana, were interviewed by the prestigious Venezuelan journalists, Alba Cecilia Mujica and Sergio Novelli in radio Onda La Super Estación, 107.9 FM. During the interview H.E Prianti Gagarin explained how Indonesian Embassy  in Venezuela has supported the work of emerging talents in designing since 2012, when Indonesia´s traditional textile, batik, was introduced to the Venezuelan market which was followed by the cooperation with Brivil institute.

Carolyn Aldana expressed her gratitude to the Indonesian Embassy for all the support given to the designers of Proyecto 365 Venezuela, who will present their collections using batik during the Indonesian Diplomatic Reception.

Furthermore, on the 5th of September, the Ambassador alongside with one of the designer from Proyecto 360, Jhoana Mejías, was interviewed at TNO radio. Jonathan Kebe as the announcer commented on the technique for creating batik and how Indonesia turns its traditional textile, batik, into chic fashion. H.E Prianti Gagarin explained how Venezuelan could also explore their traditional roots and heritage into something that are fashionably chic e.g. the Mochila bags made by the Wayu tribe in Zulia Province, that is now also popular in South East Asian Countries.

The Embassy has been exerting efforts in promoting both the Indonesian traditions and the creative economy in the country and will continue this cooperation under the slogan “Together we can”, in Spanish “Juntos Podemos”, H.E Prianti  described the importance of the joint work delivered in Venezuela during these three years of service. The Ambassador will continue promoting the work that these talented designers will show during the Diplomatic Reception this 25th of September 2015, at Euro Building hotel. (PF Protokol).