The Ambassador Of Indonesia In Venezuela Talked About Batik And Creative Economy In Globovision TV


?On Wednesday, 9th of September 2015, H.E Prianti Gagarin Djatmiko Singgih appeared live on the TV show, Mujeres en Todo, in Globovision. She was interviewed by the anchor and acknowledged journalist , Alba Cecilia Mujica.

During this interview the Ambassador explained the contribution of the fashion industry as a sector of the creative economy and how the Indonesian Embassy in Venezuela has promoted the work of Venezuelan designers using the traditional Indonesian textile, batik.

As an example of the latest cooperation with the local talents, the Ambassador explained that the Embassy has established a partnership with Proyecto 365 Venezuela, that consists of 10 emerging designers and entrepreneurs. Their initiatives in creating Proyecto 365 Venezuela is to publish the work of Venezuelan designers in social media.

Looking at the promotions and publications by the media about Indonesian Embassy Cooperation since 2012, Proyecto 365 Venezuela contacted the Embassy and expressed their interest in working with the Indonesian traditional textile, batik.

Therefore, after the first meeting the Ambassador challenged the designers from Proyecto 365 Venezuela to make office wear and gala collection using batik which will be shown during the diplomatic reception that will take place on the 25th of September 2015.

H.E Prianti Gagarín also showed 2 kinds of Indonesian batik: the royal and coastal batik and the difference between the 2 in its colors, motifs and the philosophy therein, live on TV and explained the process for making it. All the staff of Mujeres en Todo, were appreciative by the information about the intangible cultural heritage of humankind that is already recognized by the UNESCO on October 2nd, 2009 and thanked the Ambassador for supporting talented Venezuelan designers and the creative economy for the country. (PF. Protokol).