Meeting between the National Assembly and 20 Countries with Parliamentary Friendship Group with Venezuela


?On 29 January 2013, the Ambassador of Indonesia accompanied by Political Officer attended a meeting between the National Assembly and countries who have Parliamentary Friendship Group with Venezuela at the National Assembly. The meeting was attended by Ambassadors or its representatives from 20 Embassies with those Friendship Groups, namely Abkhazia, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Nicaragua, Palestine, France, Paraguay, Russia and Uruguay.

It was the first time the National Assembly of Venezuela held such a gathering. It was expected that the event could be held annually to evaluate past activities and plan for the forthcoming year.

In his opening remarks, Vice Chairman of the Parliament, Dario Vivas, emphasized the support of Parliament and people of Venezuela for the continuity of government under President Chavez who was re-elected as the President on 7 October 2012. In general, he also highlighted political and economic situation at global and regional level, particularly with the CELAC-UE Summit in Chile and CELAC Summit.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Nieves Velasquez hoped that the Friendship Groups could enhance cooperation through such concrete activities as mutual visits and as a forum for information exchange. Specifically, he referred to the Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) where countries could share their experiences on democracy.

During the discussion session, the representatives of countries extended their appreciation for the initiative by the National Assembly to hold the meeting.

The Ambassador of Indonesia expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the Chair of the Venezuela-Indonesia Parliamentary Friendship Group (GAPVI), H.E. Asdrubal Colina. For the year 2012, the Group had carried out three important activities, namely: (i) Visit by the GAPVI to Indonesia, (ii) Facilitation of pending bilateral agreements, and (iii) Seminar in Valencia and the renovation of “Escuela República de Indonesia”. Responding to the Vice Minister’s comments on BDF, the Ambassador stated that BDF with its concept of “home-grown democracy” is an important opportunity for Venezuela to share its values where socialism and democracy could go hand-in-hand, particularly through its participative and protagonist democracy.

The Ambassador reported on activities conducted by the GAPVI. “This could only be done through the enthusiasm and full support shown by the Chair of the GAPVI, including the renovation of Escuela República de Indonesia” (Political Section).