Embassy of Indonesia in Caracas Succeeded in Securing a Compensation for the Demise of an Indonesian Seaman in Trinidad and Tobago



On 25 June 2013, H.E. Prianti Gagarin Djatmiko-Singgih, Ambassador of Indonesia in Caracas accredited in Trinidad and Tobago, accompanied by official for the Directorate for the Protection of Indonesian Citizens, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, submitted a check to Mrs. Nanah Heryanah, (mother/dependant of Adi Putra).
Adi Putra was a former seaman who worked at the Fresh Ocean Seafoods Ltd. in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and died of work-related accident in 2010. After three years of fighting for the worker’s compensation funds at the Supreme Court of Judicature in Port of Spain, the Embassy of Indonesia in Caracas succeeded in securing a ruling from the Court that the insurance company should pay for the worker’s compensation to the dependants of Adi Putra.
            It is hoped that the check which is issued by the Supreme Court of Judicature could be beneficial to the dependants and family of Adi Putra.
            Protection of Indonesian citizens abroad, including fighting for the worker’s compensation, is part of the on-going commitment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassies abroad, including Embassy of Indonesia in Caracas, which is also a mandate by the 1945 Constitution, i.e., “…to form a government of the state of Indonesia which shall protect all the people of Indonesia” (Consular Affairs).