37 Young Venezuelan Designers Create with Batik



In the efforts to continue promoting fashion and Indonesian textile as one
of the iconic commodities for Indonesian international trade abroad the Embassy
of the Republic of Indonesia in Caracas has launched the initiative of a design
competition using batik in 3 categories, as such: women cocktail dress, women
office attire and outfit for men; the participants of this competition are the students
of Instituto de Diseño Ambiental y Moda Brilvil, the most prestigious fashion
institute in Venezuela.
Prior to the competition, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
of the Republic of Indonesia in Caracas, Her Excellency Prianti Gagarin DjatmikoSinggih has given two lectures to deepen the knowledge of the 5
students of BRIVIL in the origin, the process of making batik, its types and
philosophy therein; the second lecture is about how to make Batik as a chic fashion
choice. In the fisrt consultation between the students, the Director of Brivil Mrs.
Elvira de Parés and the Professors of the Institute, 111 sketches were presented
to be evaluated; the various designs were made according to the Royal, Classical
and modern Batik motifs provided. From the sketches presented, it could be
observed the dynamism and creativity of the students in using Batik to create a
ready to wear collection. The students enthusiastically asked about the materials
that can be used for combination in their design, how to cut the motifs in Batik
clothes and how to use the variation in their design such as embroidery, laces and
other attractive applications that are suitable in designing with Batik.
The cooperation between Instituto de Diseño Ambiental y Moda Brivil and
the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia was made possible after Madame
Ambassador Gagarin was asked to be in the panel of judges of a similar contest
to commemorate the 50
done on August 12
Republic of Indonesia in Caracas to popularize Indonesian textiles as an option
in Venezuelan fashion. With the better knowledge of Batik as one of Indonesia’s
traditional textiles, already known in the world of fashion, it is expected that the
appreciation towards the cultural heritage of Indonesia is greater every time.
 anniversary of Brivil. This competition scheduled to be
2013 is one of the continued efforts of the Embassy of the