While Ngabuburit Participants Language Class Studying Monas

​​Cape Town, South Africa: Monas or National Monument of Indonesia is known by almost all the people of Indonesia. But not so with South African citizen. To introduce one of Indonesia's iconic monument, Indonesian Language Program of the Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town (KJRI Cape Town) held a special session "Ngabuburit while Studying Monument" at a restaurant in Cape Town, on June 1, 2018.

Ngabuburit is a gathering activity while waiting the time for ifthar or breaking the fasting of the day. Meanwhile Indonesian Language Class is one form of community-raising activities by KJRI Cape Town which is held once a week at no charge. Participants of the language class are South African citizens or foreigners who are interested in learning Indonesian language and cultures. Most of the participants are from the Cape Malay community who are descended from political prisoners, forced laborers and Muslim clerics from the Indonesian archipelago who were exiled to Cape Town centuries ago.

Most of the participants just understood that Monas is not only an icon of Jakarta or Indonesia, but also a monument that holds much of the history of the founding of the Indonesian nation. Not many people know that in Monas there are museum and reliefs depicting the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation. Few also know that in Monas there is a statue of Prince Diponegoro, one of the national heroes of Indonesia.

Participants were very exited to learn about Monas. One of the participants, Mrs. Amina Sallie mentioned that this Monas is one of the places that she will visit when coming to Indonesia. "So let's visit Monas" she said to the other participants of language class.

Consul for Social Cultural Affairs, Mr. Muhammad Sadri who guided the session mentioned that the participants are easier now to come to Monas in Jakarta because to visit Indonesia currently no longer require a visa.

"By studying Monas during ngabuburit activity, it is expected that the participants will be more interested to explore about Indonesia and could become a Consulate's partner in promoting Indonesia in their respective environment" said Sadri closed the session before breaking the fast with the participants (© Pensosbud KJRI Cape Town, 2018).