The Commemoration of National Mother's Day


Indonesia on 22 December 2010 commemorated the 82nd National Mother's Day 2010 and for Indonesians in Cape Town the commemoration was taking place at the Consulate General Office at 12.00 pm. The commemoration started with a ceremony which was led by the Consul General, Mrs Sugie S Harijadi and attended by all the Consulate staff and their spouses and the Indonesian community in Cape Town. Uniquely, all the women were all dressed up with the Indonesian National Dress to spice up the ceremony.

In her remarks, the Consul General reminded the audience of the crucial roles of women in supporting the national struggle for independence since the National Women Congress in 1928. In today’s world, the commemoration also to evaluate and appreciate stakeholders in implementing various development programs aimed to materialize gender equality and to increase women's life quality which all in accordance with this year theme of the commemoration: “Equality between Men and Women to Build National Characters.”

The commemoration was concluded by congratulated all the women and followed by lunch.