Indonesian Seafarers To Learn Self-Development at Life Skills Class

Cape Town, South Africa – As one of the ways of Indonesian citizen engagements to protect and empower Indonesian seafarers overseas, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia facilitated Poppy Sewell, B.Econ.Dip.HRM, an Indonesian expert in human resources management at life skills class. She brought a topic related to Skills Development Training. “My life motto is to learn, to listen, and to do at your best. We need to follow these basic principles, if we want to succeed in developing our career," said her during the opening session of the class. The class was filled with enthusiasm as 43 Indonesian seafarers from Long Xing, Sanei Maru #51, Geo-searcher, etc flooded the floor with questions.    

At the session, Poppy shared tips to the seafarers about how to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and how to describe them on to CV. “I know that as a recruiter, the first thing I see from a potential job seeker is his CV. It represents ourselves. To be considered as prominent by our future boss, please state your recent experience on the first line of the CV. Moreover, please be straightforward and concise in your CV," she explained.

Poppy emphasized that the seafarers need to distinguish between qualification earned and skills owned from the life experience. Also, she added the urgency of being passionate in the work the seafarers do as well as the meaning of perseverence.

“You need to persevere in any of work that you're on, at least a year, to build up your career. It will add up your work experience and even hone your skills. Your future boss will look after a loyal employee, not a speculator for a higher salary," said her.

The session was heated up by questions. A couple of questions arisen as to how to follow up job applications if have been no responses yet from the company or recruiting agent? What are the Do's and Don'ts? Or else, how to deal with job applications that required the job seeker to pay some amounts of money beforehand? And are we allowed to mention a specific amount of salary that we want during the job interview?

The representative of the Indonesian Consulate in Cape Town also talked about the background problems that happen frequently on-board which have put the seafarers into unfortunate circumstance for breaking the contract. They are unpaid salary, on-board abuse, or illness. Should or should not those issues appear on the CV? Poppy clarified it and stated that the information need not be disclosed in a written CV. And yet, the seafarers need to mention it during the interview. Even so, the seafarers have to express his motivation and work spirit to join the new company. “You have to say during the interview that you want to join the company because you want to grow with them and you love challenges. Recruiting agents like such statements," she said.    

Poppy Sewell B.Econ.Dip.HRM is an Indonesia who has resided in Cape Town for 4 years. She is experienced in recruiting agency for international skilled workers (Consular Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia).