Indonesian Parliaments Deputy Speaker Fahri Hamzah Meets South African Parliament

Cape Town, South Africa: In a visit to Cape Town, South Africa, on 12-18 May, 2018, a Delegation of Indonesian House of Representatives' led by Deputy Speaker for People Welfare Affairs, Hon. Mr. Fahri Hamzah, met with the South African National Assembly, represented by the Portfolio Committee on Social Development which led by its chairman, Hon. Ms. Rosemary Capa, accompanied by 8 other members from various parties in South Africa.

Beside the Deputy Speaker, the Indonesian delegation consisted of Mr. Willgo Zainar, (MP, Great Indonesia Movement Party), Mr. Jazilul Fawaid (MP, National Awakening Party), Mr. Muslim Ayub (MP, National Mandate Party), Mr. Tamsil Linrung (MP, Prosperous Justice Party), Mr. Zainut Tauhid (MP, United Development Party), Mr. Akbar Faisal (MP, National Democratic Party), and Mr. Syarifuddin Sudding (MP, People's Conscience Party).  The delegation also accompanied by a number of Parliament's secretariat staffs, Special Staffs, Experts, Cultural Observers and Journalists. The delegation was accompanied by the Indonesian Consul General in Cape Town, Hon. Mr. Krishna Adi Poetranto and staffs, and Minister Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria, Mr. Erlangga Arby.

In the meeting, Ms. Capa conveyed about the existing social security system in South Africa, such as assistance in health and education, assistance for the elderly & the disabled, and assistance for the poor. Meanwhile the settlement for the poor is the responsibility of the local government in providing standard basic facilities such as electricity, water and sanitation.

Responding to the Chairman of the Portfolio Committee, Mr. Hamzah said that in general a similar social security system in South Africa also exist in Indonesia. Indonesia also has laws that do not discriminate against anyone. The Chairman of the Delegation also expressed the hope that more cooperation will be established between the two countries, either at government level (Government to Government), Business to Business, and also at People to People level. Mr. Hamzah also expects that in the future the direct flights agreement could be implemented, so as to enhance mutual visits and cooperation between the two countries.

During the visit to Cape Town, the delegation of the Indonesian House of Representatives also visited the tomb of Sheikh Yusuf from Makassar, the tomb and descendant of Sheikh Ismail Dea Malela from Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, Awwal Mosque (first mosque in South Africa) founded by Tuan Guru (Master) from Tidore in 1794, and Heritage Museum in Simons Town that holds the history of warriors and Islamic scholars from the Indonesian archipelago who were exiled to South Africa.

On the occasion of a function held at the Consul General's Residence, the Delegation could met face to face with Indonesian citizens and staffs of the Consulate General in Cape Town. Among the topics raised during the function were the difficulty to get a visa and the costly price of air tickets from Indonesia to South Africa.

At the end of the function, Consul General Poetranto conveyed that the Consulate General always encourages the cooperation at the level of people to people contact and business to business relationship, beside the government-to-government cooperations which at the national level was coordinated by the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria (©Pensosbud KJRI Cape Town).