General Election Socialization for Indonesian Seafarers in Cape Town

​​Cape Town, South Africa: "The data input and registration of Indonesian seafarers in Cape Town is pertinent to ensure seafarers get their rights to participate in the 2019 General Election. Our country is strong, if the citizens are sovereign," stated by Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Cape Town before 40 crew members transit at the Port of Cape Town (Fusheng # 11 fishing vessel, Dongwoon # 117 fishing vessel, Go Regulus offshore vessel, Geo Researcher fishing vessel) on the occasion of the 2019 General Election Socialization event for Indonesian seafarers, held at Seamen Club Mission to Seafarers on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 7 pm.

The socialization of elections for Indonesian seafarers is a part of election socialization activities for Indonesian citizens seeking to reach a total of 120 Indonesians in the accreditation area of the Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town (Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State). Such related activities were conducted in line with matching and research activities for updating the data of Indonesian voters (April 17-May 16, 2018).

The Consul General also stressed the importance of the cooperation of Indonesian seafarers with the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) in the implementation of the 2019 election that is scheduled to take place on 13 April 2019 in Cape Town. A solid partnership is urgently required to achieve general election underlined by principles of Direct, General, Free, Confidential, Honest, and Fair (Langsung, Umum, Bebas, Rahasia, Jujur, dan Adil).

After the opening remarks by the Consul General of RI Cape Town, the team of PPLN Representative of Cape Town RI headed by Echi Ismail then delivered the materials which include: introduction of PPLN team and PPLN Secretariat, principles and guidelines for the election, work stages of the voters updating committee (pantarlih), categories of eligible voters, voting and its counting, voting method (Voting Station / Post / mobile ballot box), list of political parties, voting procedures, and social media PPLN Cape Town (facebook page of PPLN KJRI Cape Town).

The event took place in a relaxed and kinship atmosphere. Socialization activities for overseas voters in the working area of the Indonesian Consulate General in Cape Town are planned to be continuously implemented, both, via face-to-face meetings and online through social media through 2019 election date. Additionally, PPLN and the Secretariat will always anticipate the possibility the addition of the participation of Indonesian citizens in the 2019 general election.

The number of Indonesian crew in transit in the Port of Cape Town is estimated at 3000 people per year. Of the number, Indonesian crews in the Port of Cape Town per day can reach up to 40 - 120 people during the peak season of seafarers' arrival (April - October). Although the estimated per day of the Indonesian ABK can be ascertained, the exact number of Indonesian ABKs who will vote in Cape Town at the time of the 2019 election, remains uncertain. Socialization through Whatsapp Group ABK Indonesia Cape Town, cooperation with Mission to Seafarers and port authorities, as well as the facilitation of the mobile ballot box in the Port of Cape Town, will continue to be sought to ensure the fulfillment of the right to vote of the crew (Consular Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia).