Discover Indonesia Finest Handicraft Through INACRAFT 2018

INA CRAFT -The 20th Anniversary, the biggest handicraft trade fair in ASEAN is back on 25-29 of April 2018!

Save the date and arrange your visit to INACRAFT to have a great opportunity to keep updated with the latest trend in the handicraft market. Just one step in a venue to collect all the local masterpieces of INDONESIAN crafts with qualified materials.

INACRAFT comes to two decades colouring the world. it is a complete show case of 1500 artisan, crafters, producers of craftsmanship from 700 ethnics all over Indonesia.

INACRAFT 2018 provides special performances of  NORTH SUMATRA as the icon of INACRAFT 2018:


INACRAFT is the largest trade show of handicraft made of awesome materials from Ceramic to Textile, from Stones to precious stones and jewelry, from metal to natural fibres, from wood products to others emerging materials including recycle and upcycle products.

No excusions to visit and see with your eyes. Find and explore your favourite original products MADE IN INDONESIA and join & registered to​ the special offer in a program: CRAFT TOUR with INACRAFT as registered buyers to the BEST CRAFTS VILLAGES in INDONESIA.


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