"Sail Banda 2010": ANother World-Class Maritime Event


After successfully hosting three important maritime events in 2009, namely the World Ocean Conference (W.O.C.), the Coral Triangle Initiative (C.T.I.) and Sail Bunaken, the Government of Indonesia is pleased to announce Sail Banda 2010, which is to be centered around the City of Ambon in the Maluku islands, from the 24th of July until the 17th of August 2010.
This maritime festival is being held to showcase to the world about Indonesia’s stature as a maritime nation with much potential, as a vast archipelago with boundless natural riches, and as a multi-ethnic country with hundreds of different cultural groups. Sail Banda 2010 is also designed to bring the world’s attention to Maluku’s return to normalcy and celebrate its newfound optimism for the future, while showcasing the untapped potential that Indonesia’s eastern half holds.
The main theme of Sail Banda 2010 is “Small Islands for Our Future”, chosen to bring attention to the threat that global warming brings to small islands such as those that make up the province of Maluku. With an organizing committee appointed by the Indonesian President himself, the advisory members consist of the Maritime & Fishing Minister, the Foreign Minister, and several other cabinet ministers.
The program of events in Sail Banda 2010 begins with a Rally and its Race Start in Darwin, Australia, with activities that include a sailboat rally, an Indonesia-Australia Cooperation Conference, an international conference on Coral Reefs & Small Islands, an international seminar on Sago and Spices for Food Security, a Navy-to-Navy Talks program, a symposium on fisheries & maritime research, water sports, cultural performances, social work, tree-planting, and related exhibitions. Foreign ships taking part will be coming from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States’ medical ship USNS Mercy.
The highlight of Sail Banda 2010 will be in Ambon on the 3rd of August 2010 where the Indonesian President will witness a parade of vessels, inspect ships on exhibit, launch the replica of a Kingdom of Majapahit-era vessel onto its world-tour, visit the USNS Mercy, and witness a fly-pass of the Indonesian Air Force’s Sukhoi fighters.
For more information on the Sail Banda 2010, please go to the official website at http://www.sailbanda.malukuprov.go.id
Canberra, 6 May 2010