The Visit of Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center Delegation (PPATK) to the Regional Review Groups ICRG-FATF Canberra, 17 JANUARI 2011


The Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) delegation has visited Canberra on the 17th of January 2011 to meet the Asia-Pacific Regional Review Group. The meeting are conducted as part of reviewing and monitoring the achievement of Indonesia within the anti-money laundering regime. During the visit, the PPATK RI delegation are led by Mr. Djoko Kurnijanto, Head of the Foreign Cooperation Division of PPATK. During its explanation regarding the development of anti-money laundering regime in Indonesia, the PPATK RI delegation stated several developments such as the existence of Law of the Republic Indonesia No.8 Year 2010 concerning The Prevention and Eradication of the Crime Money laundering (UU 8/2010). Several new regulations contained on the UU 8/2010 includes enlarging the scope of informant from only financial services authority to provider of goods and services which includes housing agent, lease holder, the sales agent of motor vehicles and the selling of antique goods. In addition to that, within the UU 8/2010 it is reasserted about cumulative indictment and the multi-investigator system on the management of presumption on money laundering. The role of investigator on a money laundering case that so far has been conducted by the National Police of Indonesia, through the UU 8/2010 are extended to include the Attorney General, National Narcotics Body, The Commission for the Eradication of Corruption, Directorate Generals of Customs & Excise, and the Directorate General of Taxes of Indonesia the Ministry of Finance. Other than the concerned meeting, the PPATK delegation also conducted meeting with the AGD Anti-Money Laundering Assistance Team. During the meeting, the AGD expresses several program recommendation for increasing the cooperation capacities of law enforcement agencies in Indonesia, through among several things various workshop and legislative review on the bill on the eradication of financing for terrorism and the bill on seizure of asset. At the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed upon several cooperation to support the implementation of UU 8/2010 and the implementation regulations, and also the finalization of the Counter financing of Terrorism Bill. The two parties also agreed to implement various forms of cooperation in the field of law enforcement which includes all the concerned law enforcement authorities in Indonesia. During the working visit of the PPATK RI delegation, The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra has also facilitated limited discussion between PPATK and the society, college students and embassy staff that is located in the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra. In the end of the discussion, the PPATK delegation elaborated on the revitalization of function,duties and responsibilities of PPATK as the focal point on the prevention and eradication of the crime money laundering in Indonesia based on international best practice. The discussion has been taken by interest by the general public due to the development of case management in Indonesia recently and encouraged by the motivation to acquire information and also giving contribution towards the upholding of law in Indonesia. These meetings not only as a form of socialization and the exchange of views but also as an effort to synergize the various positive thoughts and innovative ideas which could be utilized as a recommendation and improvements for the implementation of good governance that is accountable and transparent. Canberra, 17th of January 2011