The Mother’s day march and hymn were sung by Indonesians in Canberra at the commemoration of National Mother’s Day at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra on 22 December 2010. The commemoration was a yearly momentum to evaluate efforts at various development programs to achieve gender equality. The commemoration started with a ceremony which was held based on the guidelines from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia. The ceremony was led by the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia and Vanuatu, H.E. Primo Alui Joelianto. In his remarks, the Ambassador reminded the audience of the crucial roles of women in supporting the national struggle for independence since the National Women Congress in 1928, and also as mothers in their families, all in accordance with the theme of the commemoration: “Equality between Men and Women to Build National Characters.” The ceremony was continued by fun games such as floral arrangement, wearing kain batik and stagen for men and musical chairs. The participants of the games were men both from the Embassy and from the community, while women from the Embassy’s Ladies Association (Dharma Wanita Persatuan) acted as judges. The audience laughed and enjoyed the games, especially when they saw men were trying to wear kain batik and stagen by themselves. Fun games were then followed by a presentation of token of appreciation by the Chair of Ladies Association of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra awarded to Indonesian Women in Canberra for their contribution in supporting the Indonesian Embassy’s Ladies Association in Canberra. The commemoration was concluded with a dinner.