Indonesian dances liven up the National Multicultural Festival in Canberra, 6 February 2010


Press Release No.: 04/PR/PEN/II/2010

Indonesian Dances Liven Up The National Multicultural Festival in Canberra, 6 February 2010

The presentation of three dances, the Tari Gambyong (Gambyong Dance), Tari Kebyar Duduk (Seated Kebyar Dance) and Tari Payung (Umbrella Dance), delighted the audience at the Multicultural Festival. The graceful movements of the dancers and the striking, glittering costumes captivated the visitors, who admired the cultural diversity of Indonesia. The three dances represented a number of Indonesian regions, with the Tari Gambyong from Central Java, Tari Kebyar Duduk from Bali, and Tari Payung from West Sumatra. To promote the fact that these dances can be performed by anyone, two of the 12 dancers were Australian students. They were trained by the Sanggar Isti Studio.
As well as dances, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra also opened the “Batik Corner” stall, which attracted particular attention from the Australian public, as demonstrated by the large number of visitors. The stall with the theme “Batik – Heritage of Indonesia” was inspired by the recognition of batik as an element of global cultural heritage by UNESCO, which should be preserved and promoted to the public. At the stall, visitors were able to see a pair of mannequins dressed in batik, various batik products, handicrafts, tourism brochures, 2010 Indonesian calendars, and information on Indonesian language courses. At the “Batik Corner” stall, many visitors bought batik cloth and handicrafts as souvenirs. The members of Dharma Wanita Persatuan, Indonesian Embassy, who looked after the stall, were busy answering all kinds of questions about batik from festival goers.
At the same time, the Indonesian community associated with the Indonesia-Australia Families Association (AIFA) and the Indo Café owned by Mrs Yetty Daly, each opened a stall promoting various Indonesian foods, drinks and snacks. All of these foods were sold out to the crowds of visitors lined up in front of the stalls.
The Multicultural Festival held in Garema Place is an annual event for the city of Canberra, and was attended by around 200,000 people. This festival also reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the population of Canberra, as an invaluable resource that should be celebrated so that people can know and respect each other. As the Festival is a medium for promoting Indonesian arts, culture and tourism to the Australian public, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra actively participates in the Festival each year. Indonesia’s participation in the Multicultural Festival was mentioned in the Canberra Times newspaper, Sunday 7 February 2010.
Canberra, 23 February 2010