Batik-Painting Workshop


PRESS RELEASE no. : 014/PR/PEN/IV/2010
Ladies from the Women’s International Club of Canberra had the opportunity to try out traditional Batik-painting at the Residence of the Indonesian Ambassador, on Wednesday, 28 April 2010, during a Coffee Morning hosted by the ladies of the Dharma Wanita Persatuan (the Indonesian Women’s Organization).
The chairperson of the organization and also spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador, Mrs Susilowati Primo, explained that Batik is not only a true Indonesian cultural heritage acknowledged by UNESCO, but that it is a symbol of spirituality and culture, used from childbirth to death. The Batik cloth is worn during ceremonies and traditional rituals, as well as for business functions and pleasure. Indonesian Batik patterns are centuries-old and have special meanings, usually for good luck and prosperity. Therefore it is only natural that batik cloth is also seen as treasured heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation.
Guests who had pre-registered for the workshop had the opportunity to use the canting (read: “chun-ting”), a spout-pen filled with a special wax, that is carefully drawn onto a pre-designed piece of cloth. After finishing the design, the cloth is dyed and the wax removed. Some ladies even wrote their names on the cloth, and were all very excited to bring home their own masterpieces as a souvenir. After the workshop, guests were also presented with a fashion-parade showcasing how Batik is used during various occasions.
The workshop was presented by the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra and was led by Mrs., Fenny Awani from Batik House Indonesia, a group that was established in early 2000 aimed at preserving and promoting traditional Batik-painting, an ancient art-form that is slowly diminishing. Venny has travelled the world conducting Batik workshops in galleries, universities and international exhibitions.
Canberra, 29 April 2010