Appreciation Program For Scouts Australia


PRESS RELEASE no. : 015/PR/PEN/IV/2010
As a sign of appreciation to Scouts Australia for its continuing cooperation with Pramuka (Indonesian Scouts) as well as its public services in Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra invited 40 Scouts from the A.C.T. branch of Scouts Australia to a dinner at the Embassy on the 29th of April 2010. Led by Mr. Neville Tomkins, Chief Commissioner of the A.C.T. Branch of Scouts Australia, the group consisted of Scout Leaders and representatives of Scout Groups in the Australian Capital Territory.
In his welcoming remarks, H.E. Primo Alui Joelianto said it is important that Scouts Australia and its A.C.T. Branch understand how much Indonesia appreciates the social activities that the A.C.T. Scouts conduct in Lombok. The Ambassador also noted that the good ties between Indonesian Scouts and Scouts Australia meant that they support each other in international organizations as well as in mutually beneficial activities.
The Chief Commissioner of the A.C.T. Branch of Scouts Australia thanked the Ambassador and his staff for always being supportive of Scouts Australia and welcoming the Scouts into the Embassy to showcase what they have achieved in Lombok in 2008 as well as what they plan to do when they visit Lombok again in July 2010.
Afterwards, the floor was given to five Scouts to allow them to present slides and videos about their social work on the island of Lombok. Later, the Ambassador was presented with his own unique Scouts Australia badge and a Scouts Scarf commemorating 100 years of Scouts in Australia. The Scouts also gave a framed collection of photos from their activities in Lombok, illustrating the fun times they had as well as the benefit that their social work gave to the village in which they lived.
The Embassy reciprocated by making the rest of the evening memorable, with a Balinese Dance, Indonesian Calendars and books for each Scout, and a genuine Indonesian dinner consisting of (among other dishes) Soto Ayam Komplit, Krupuk Udang, plus a colorful fruit platter. In the end, the Scouts went home satisfied and looking forward to their upcoming social work in Lombok.
Canberra, 30 April 2010