laying the first stone as a symbol of the commencement of construction of Indonesian student dormitory complex in the campus of al-Azhar


Traveling many miles begins with one of the first step. That's probably a picture of what is done by the Embassy in Cairo in cooperation with the al-Azhar on Wednesday (2/14/2012) to laying the first stone as a symbol of the commencement of construction of Indonesia student dormitory complex in the campus of al-Azhar, Cairo, Egypt, which has for years dreamed of by thousands of Indonesian students in Egypt.
At that historic moment, the Rector of Al-Azhar university, Osama El-Abd, stated that the construction of student dormitories Indonesia is the fruit of compassion that is solidly built between the Indonesia and Egypt and has gone through a long history.

Rector also reiterated the commitment of al-Azhar in keeping the establishment of the Islamic religion and Arabic as the language of education has lasted more than a thousand years. Chancellor further said that if the Kaaba is the Qibla of Muslims in worship, then the al-Azhar is the mecca of knowledge that will stand on solid foundations are moderate and tolerant understanding.
al-Azhar, said the Rector, gave high appreciation to Indonesia for its care to take part in a student dormitory construction project which is basically a very valuable contribution to the world of Islam.
Meanwhile, the ambassador, Nurfaizi Kelvin, said that the efforts of both countries in the construction of the dormitory is a real contribution in creating the future of the Islamic world, especially in order to prepare the leaders of the powerful in the future. Undeniably, he asserted, that many of the leaders in Indonesia was born from the depths of al-Azhar university of Egypt.
Ambassador also reiterated his determination to continue to work until the construction of dormitories, which began with the laying of first stone could be properly resolved. For that, the ambassador advised stakeholders in Indonesia in order to contribute significantly, particularly in terms of funding.
The procession of laying the first stone made by Ambassador Embassy in Cairo, al-Azhar University President, and Advisor to the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar by signing an agreement, followed by a mixture of cement and sand stuck to the wall at the location of the establishment of a student dormitory. On occasion, all the officials and staff attended the Embassy Cairo, the scholars of al-Azhar, Indonesia and Egypt student representatives and a number of media man television stations, print media and electronic media.
According to information from the Education Attache Embassy in Cairo, Professor Sangidu, to date, funds have been collected and handed over to the al-Azhar is as much as 19 billion dollars. The funding comes from the Ministry of Religious Affairs by 14 billion dollars and from the North Sumatra Provincial Government for 5 billion dollars. The funds are only sufficient to build two new dormitories. While the amount of the real need to build 18 (eighteen) dormitory building, which required the Al-Azhar, is as much as 130 billion. Lack of funding the construction of the dorm is expected to be obtained from the Government of Indonesia, local government and also from institutions, foundations, or individuals.
According to the plan, as once said by both parties, dorm to be built will be occupied by students of Indonesia and Egypt, where one room with a capacity of three people will be filled with the formation of two students from Indonesia and one Egyptian student. Thus the expected presence of positive interactions in their daily lives, especially in wide open opportunity for Indonesia to increase student proficiency in Arabic.
The initial idea was first dorm building up during the dialogue between the Ambassador of Indonesia at that time, AM Fachir with the Rector of al-Azhar in the month of March 2008 which was later adopted into one of the items in the workshop recommendations support to increase student academic achievement Indonesia in April 2008.
The main purpose built hostel is to reinforce and strengthen a sense of national unity as well as an effort to improve student achievement Indonesia to become an insightful scholar of moderate and tolerant Islam.
Current Indonesian students studying at Al-Azhar is not less than 4000 people, about 800 of whom are sophomores. Of the thousands of students, only about 600 students live dormitory provided by the al-Azhar and other institutions. As for the rest, the majority of them live in rented houses scattered all over the city of Cairo and some live outside the city of Cairo.