Student Delegation from Indonesia visit the Youm Sabie Newspaper


Attended to the headquarters of the "Youm Sabie/seventh day" Student Delegation from Indonesia who is studying at the University of Al-Azhar, The students accompanied by Mr. Noor Salim Third Secretary, Embassy of Indonesia in cairo. The students know the events during the visit on how to work within the Youm Sabie , where he explained colleague Mohamed Sarwat steps to work within different departments to Youm Sabie and how it became the Youm Sabie a pioneer for all the Arab press in the recent period. It also gave students a book for a colleague Khaled Salah, editor of the Youm Sabie to express their appreciation and admiration for the location of the "seventh day" in general. A colleague Khaled Salah that Indonesia provide a model for civilized and classy work, construction, stressing that the Arab people need to learn from experience in Islamic Indonesia. Source: