Sail Tomini 2015 The Pearl of the equator for Future life

Indonesian community became aware of the value of "Tomini Bay” as one of the largest bays in the world, extends 59.500 km long on the equator. The second largest bay in Indonesia after the "CendrawasihGulf” in Papua.

It is worth mentioning that the Tomini Bay is the heart of the famous coral reefs triangle. It is characterized by the diversity of unique biological and ecosystem, where coral reefs spread over an area of ​​1.031 hectares (hectare = 10 thousand square meters) and mangrove forest spread on ​​785.10 hectares. Tomini Bay is very rich abundance of marine resources, which is in the interest of marine tourism development. Accordingly, Indonesian society should be proud that the area dubbed the "Paradise of Central Sulawesi" has become one of the most important and the most prominent destination for marine tourism in Indonesia.

​After success in holding sailing event in various parts of Indonesia for six years consecutively since 2009, the Indonesian government decided to set up a big international tourist event in “Tomini Bay” during September 2015 with a combination of Sail Tomini and Baelemo Festival, where the first takes place on "Kayubura"beach, at "Pelawa Baru" village in Central Sulawesi province and reaches the peak on Sept. 19, whileBaelemoFestival will be held in the municipality of "Baelemo" province of Gorontalo, "in September 10, 2015. This big tourist event will be heldunder the title" The Pearl of the equator for the Future life”, where three governorates share the event; Central Sulawesi, Gorontalo and North Sulawesi.

The importance of this international maritime event for the region is the great benefit to the speed of development in the provinces mentioned, as well as to bring benefit to the economy of the local people, their welfare besides raising the level of services and this will combine state agencies and ministries around 15 ministries and tourist destinations, fueling a spark to work for the development of the marine life pivots on other islands in the largest archipelagic country in the world, especially those isolated remote islands in eastern Indonesia.

So, Sail  Tomini is an important event for the promotion of marine tourism to expose the richness and diverse cultural treasures of Indonesia in this region, and it should be shared by the community for the success of this event in Septembe 2015.