RI-Egypt Trade Achievement


As an appreciation to the role played by Egyptian businessmen in enhancing business through a visit to the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) in 2009, and to engage them more in "Doing Business with Indonesia", Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, AM Fachir arranged a New Year Dinner for the Egyptian businessmen as part of an appreciat grateful for the trade performance in the TEI on 8 January, 2010 at the Imperial Boat Restaurant, Zamalek, Cairo.

The event which was initiated by the Commercial Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy was also attended by Deputy Chief of Mission of the Republic of Indonesia, Embassy officials and Egyptian media partners of the Embassy. Meanwhile, 50 Egyptian importers of various products, such as handicrafts, furniture, office furniture, soap, palm oil, paper, coffee, etc were present on the dinner.

On the occasion, the Ambassador of Indonesia, A.M Fachir conveyed a new year message to the businessmen and thank them for their contributions to the bilateral relations between Egypt and Indonesia, particularly in the area of trade. The Ambassador also extended the assurances that the Indonesia Embassy will earnestly facilitate Egyptian businesses who are doing business with Indonesia.

Mr. Fachir added that despite the current world economic situation, the latest trade visit to the TEI was fruitful. This shown that amid the economic downturn, Indonesian products are proven to be competitive in the world’s market. The total transaction made by Egyptian businessmen during the trade expo was booked at USD 24.5 million. With this figure, Egypt makes one of the biggest non-traditional markets, particularly for the Middle Eastern region. In terms of volume of transaction, the TEI 2009 slightly decreased from the TEI 2008 which noted the transaction of USD 28 million. However, in terms of variety of products, the TEI 2009 was far more varied than the one in 2008. Aside from the TEI, the Ambassador welcomed the possibility of Egyptian businessmen to carry out a joint venture with Indonesian companies in various area of production.

For the record, the total trade volume between Indonesia and Egypt in 2008 was recorded up to USD 1.1 billion. This figure has exceeded the initial target of USD 1 billion, which was aimed to be achieved in 2010.