Indonesian performances and cuisine receive warm applause from the invitees at CSA Annual Welcome Party

Two dances presented by Egyptian students from Indonesian Cultural Center in Cairo were received with warm applause and great admiration from attendees and guests at the annual welcome party organized by Community Services Association CSA Maadi for expatriates and foreigners living in Egypt under the title "Cultural Connections” on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

Two Indonesian dances from North Sumatra province and Bali were performed by Egyptian female young students from the Indonesian Cultural Center in less than 10 minutes – as per request – according to CSA program of the concert. Both dances were received with warm applause. It was really distinguished and special because they were performed by Egyptian young students learning Indonesian dance classes if compared with others from India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines which were presented by citizens indigenous from those.

​The presentation of Indonesian dances coincided with distribution of Indonesian food and specialties prepared for the CSA party attendees to taste some of the traditional dishes such as fried rice and cookies such as onde-onde, putu ayu, dadar gulung, pisang molen and risol.. At the same time, the Indonesian Embassy distributed publications and printed matters to promote Indonesian tourism including the booklet "Indonesian Touristic Pocket Guide."

The ceremony was attended by a large number of expatriates living in Cairo, as well as some Egyptians of the middle and upper class. Indonesian embassy involvement in such an induction is the first cooperation with CSA Association as part of the efforts of the embassy and its commitment to promote to Indonesian culture and tourism in Egypt. The CSA Association is one of the largest expatriates’ and foreign community gathering centers in Egypt, which has an excellent reputation and hundreds of members of several nationals of the middle and higher classes and who have devoted themselves to the organizing and hosting of social cultural events.