Indonesian Embassy in Cairo Succeeded to Stop an Attempt of Human Trafficking

​Indonesian Embassy in Cairo on Monday evening (15/9) managed to stop an attempt Crime of Human Trafficking (TPPO) of two (2) Indonesian victims; Tarmi Apandi Canang and Rohmah bint Iron Matusi at Passenger Arrival Terminal in Cairo International Airport, Egypt. When found by Embassy, ​​both victims were given fake tickets with destination to Damascus, Syria, but would actually be employed in Egypt.
In addition, the Embassy also managed to reach and identify potential employers to both victims, namely Ms. Jawahar with Bahrain nationality and working at the Embassy of Bahrain in Cairo according to her confession, it has spent about $ 8000 and has been paid to a Syrian citizen Amr Rashid. The prospective employer claimed that she got the contacts of that person through online services.
Meanwhile, based on the recognition of the two victims, they were previously accommodated by Sherly Alias Mahmoud Al-Hashimi while still in Malaysia. While the parties that recruit them in Indonesia respectively were Ms. H. Asep who recruited Ms. Rohmah in Garut and Hj. Ms. Neneng who recruited Ms. Tarmi in Karawang.
With regard to the prospective employers of both victims, the Embassy has explained while emphasizing that the existence of Indonesian informal workers in Egypt is illegal and all parties involved in this issue will get stuck in legal matters or Human Trafficking. Thereupon, the prospective employers immediately apologized and gave a return ticket to both victims to return to their country Indonesia.
Associated with the two victims, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo continued assisting them and accompanied them at the Immigration of Cairo International Airport because both of them neither have return visa to Syria nor Egypt. The Embassy will still accompany them while waiting for the aircraft scheduled to Indonesia (source: Embassy of Indonesioa in Cairo / Protocol and Consular Section).