Indonesia participate in the 45th Cairo International Fair 2012


Announced eleven Indonesia company and four companies and agents of Indonesian products in Egypt willingness to participate in the Cairo International Fair, the forty-fifth, which will be held at Fair Grounds in Nasr City, Cairo from March 18 to March 30, 2012. This exhibition is one of the largest trade fairs in Africa and the Middle East, which aims to attract more than two million visitors, and 1300 participants from 35 countries.

The participation of the Indonesian government is to try to document the commercial relations between the two countries and to gather business Egyptians.

In the Indonesian Trade Fair 2011, which was held in Jakarta last year, the Embassy of Indonesia in Cairo has called for forty-seven of Egyptian businessmen and the Palestinians and was able to record business transactions, worth USD10.817.240.

According to the recordings of the Central Bureau of Statistics in Indonesia, the Indonesian total trade of Egypt has increased significantly with a trade surplus for Indonesia. In the period between January 2011 to November 2011 the trade exchange between the two countries had reached a $ 1.48 billion dollars with a trade surplus for Indonesia by 1.11, either in 2010, the bilateral trade was worth 960.6 million dollars. These achievements have made Egypt, Indonesia's largest non-traditional target for Indonesian exports.

Indonesia's participation in Cairo International Fair (CIF) in 2012 are fully supported by the Ministry of Commerce in Indonesia. This participation is the solidarity of the Indonesian people for the Egyptian people and an attempt by the Indonesian Government to support Egypt in improving its economy.

This exhibition focuses on the Indonesian Government on food products needed by Egypt at the present time its part, will be tires, producing paper and chemical industries, cosmetics, soaps, jewelry, glassware, cutlery and many others.

The Indonesian company, which will take part in this exhibition is a Scowan for cosmetics, Nahdi Jewellery, Bina Karya Prima, Horizons gratitude, Inc. Rene Febri Jewellery, Arta Sjahtra Company, Harveys of solvents, chemicals, the Union of Islamic businessmen Indonesian company, Kiwi for Lawrac and Company and Endo Ginso Ajojo and Savindo Vrdana Caria.

The top four agents of the products in Egypt and Indonesia, which will take part in this exhibition are the Pyramid Glass Company SAE, Al Pharaana for trade, Mohsen El Fayyoumy Trade dan Salim Wazaran Abu Alata Co. Ltd