Egyptian got Doctoral in Indonesia


Hamzawi Fahim Usman Mahmud, the son of a farmer in the village of el Maqtifiyah, Al-Ayyat, Giza Province, Egypt has made history. The young man was successfully completed education at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and worthy of the title of Doctor.

Mahmud graduated with Cum Laude predicate and successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Policy Against Political Islam Authoritarian Regime: The Case of the Soeharto regime and Anwar Sadat".

Mahmud said at the presentation session the contents of the dissertation, that there are some things that inspired the title selection. Among other things he was inspired by historical Books of relation between Indonesia-Egypt, published by Indonesian Embassy in Cairo that he was a translator of the Arabic version. In addition, he was inspired by a dissertation of Prof. Dr. M. Amien Rais, MA, about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Now, Mahmud had been validly holds a doctorate. Ideals and dreams to come and study in Indonesia, was materialized. Six years he studied S2 and S3 in the city of Yogyakarta. During the study it all, he has been married to Indonesian and have been blessed with two children, makes his love for Indonesia to make more complete.

Mahmud achievement is expected to serve as an example for Egyptian to join with the Indonesian Culture Center in Cairo to learn Indonesian language, and afterwards continued his studies in Indonesia. More young Egyptians mastered many things about Indonesia, it would be very beneficial in revitalizing relations between the two countries.